Flamethrower Q&A with Charlie Hobson




You can find Charlie Hobson's book, "US Portable Flamethrowers" here: http://amzn.to/1SP9yc5

Rather than doing a monthly Q&A myself, I decided to take advantage of a visit from Charlie Hobson and answer some questions about flamethrowers. These questions all came from the Forgotten Weapons Patreon supporters, whose financial support is a big part of what allows me to bring you great content. If you'd like to help support the site yourself and also have a chance to get your questions into the monthly Q&A, you can join in at:


Today's questions by timestamp are:

0:40 - Still in use today? 1:15 - Hollywood realism 3:02 - Effective historical use 3:55 - Pressure and nozzle diameter 4:57 - Use of fins to create laminar flow 6:18 - Do they blow up if shot? 7:28 - Maintenance and repair 9:44 - Realism in "Saving Private Ryan” 10:52 - Reproductions 12:10 - Accidents 14:07 - Field resupply of fuel in combat 19:35 - Oxygen problems for the user 20:32 - Modern improvements 24:10 - Is there still a role for flamethrowers in modern war?
26:35 - Lighting cigars from flamethrowers 27:43 - Cost

    • Uploaded: 05/07/2016