Wilson Combat Rimfire Silencer! WCR-22



The WCR-22 is Wilson Combat’s first rimfire silencer, rated for up to 22 Magnum and full auto for 22LR. With a titanium tube and 7075 aluminum monocore, it’s an amazingly light 4.2oz, making it one of the if not the lightest 6” rimfire can on the market.

The tube is finished in Wison Combat’s Armor-Tuff, which is similar to popular ceramic coatings with a little more lubricity to it. Black, burnt bronze, FDE, and green are available in addition to the gray seen on this can.

Each WCR-22 comes with a pouch and a takedown tool, which is hidden in a pocket on the back. Unlike for most silencers, the tool fits the front and rear caps to help both disassembly as well as removing a stuck can from a barrel.


    • Uploaded: 04/24/2016