NFA Review Shoot 2016



This event is a public event intended to get kickass products into the hands of as many shooters as possible and help spread the word on social media via my invited media guests! We had 30 attending companies with products from flamethrowers, silencers and firearms to integrally suppressed air rifles, accessories and everything in between! This event was held over two days with Media Day being a closed event where the vendors and invited media could mingle and have a good time. The calm before the storm!

On day two we opened the gates to the public and it was non-stop fun! We had young and old alike, shooting next to each other. From parents teaching their children the importance of safe shooting and trigger control, to veterans smiling from ear to ear reminiscing during a full auto mag dump!

We had 400 members of the public show up to try out the 30 different vendors products and combined with the vendors/employees and media we had close to 600 people on site!

We had periods of suppressed only fire where one could remove their ear pro and walk around testing all the manufactures new silencers! Then we would take the cans off, go cold, let USA Chemical Supply repopulate the field using the 1600lbs of binary they brought and get to it again! All day!

Towards the end of the day we held the raffle and called the wining ticket for 36 lucky winners who went home with very generous prizes that were donated by the attending vendors! A side note, I called about 8 tickets that I had to pass up because that person had left the event early.... it pays to stay!

To wrap up the day we broke a record with a 500lb explosion! And USA Chemical Supply will break that again in September!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed towards the event! And for @Gunsdaily (Instagram) and IV8888(YouTube & Full30) for the drone footage! The next shoot will be in September, don't miss it!

    • Uploaded: 04/21/2016