Crowdsourcing The Perfect Gun Part 02



Crowdsourcing The Perfect Gun with Safety Harbor Firearms, Part 02 The Next Question we need answered for our Carbine Build is: PISTOL OR RIFLE CALIBER? We stopped by Safety Harbor's Shop during a recent photo shoot to talk with Walter Keller. This is a continuation of our Project called "The Perfect Gun" to bring the perfect gun to the masses. Together we'll make decisions, design, develop and test our collected creation. Finally releasing a crowd sourced gun that anyone can legally, easily and affordably assemble for themselves. We'll publish the parts lists and make the entire design open source. Sean Deren Photography: Also included in this video is the Oshkosh Mk48/14 LVS (Logistics Vehicle System)

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The Hank Strange Situation : Lifestyles of the Locked & Loaded

    • Uploaded: 03/28/2016