Henry 30-30 Steel Wildlife Edition! Beauty & Accuracy



30-30 is one of the most classic deer loads in America, which is why Henry Repeating Arms chose a pair of majestic bucks to feature on this rifle. It’s called the 30-30 Steel Wildlife Edition, most notable for its engraved receiver with 24 karat gold relief.

The bust of a majestic 12-point Whitetail sits behind a large ejection port, and both are framed with a tasteful amount of scrolling and gold trim. The left side of the receiver is home to a bounding split-tine eight pointer. The lack of ejection port allows for even more scrolling and accentuating leaf patterns.

The Wildlife Edition is pretty enough to hang on the wall, but it was built for the field, with a blued steel receiver, 20” barrel, and five round tubular magazine. High grade American Walnut stocks bring this lever gun to a total weight of 7 pounds, which is heavy enough to tame recoil without being too heavy to carry on a hunt.

A 45-70 Steel Wildlife Edition is also available, engraved with a moose and bear in place of the bucks on the 30-30. Both MSRP for $1,450.

To learn more about the Steel Wildlife Edition Henry Rifles: https://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/henry-steel-wildlife-editions/

    • Uploaded: 03/25/2016