Shuriken Broadhead! 1.5" Side-by-Side Blades



For more information about the Shuriken broadhead or to buy on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/shurikenbroadhead

The Shuriken is a 100 grain fixed blade broadhead designed to fly from both vertical bows and crossbows. Its cut on contact chisel point is 5/8" across, perpendicular to the dual side-by-side cutting blades that give it an impressive 1.5" cutting diameter. Every one of the six cutting edges is razor sharp right out of the package, though they are easily removed for stropping or touching up after taking game.

The parallel cutting blades are placed to reduce drag compared to a conventional four blade design, with one blade hiding behind the drag of the other as an arrow rotates in flight. The blades also create an h-shaped wound that cuts flaps into animal hide, reducing the chance that entrance or exit wounds close up and cut off your blood trail.

    • Uploaded: 03/07/2016