Jello Bullets Shot from a 45 Colt! Disgusting Results



Ever wonder if you could make a bullet out of jello? Probably not, but that’s the kind of stuff I started to think about after getting a wax bullet system for my Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt. I finally got around to trying it out, starting by mixing an extra thick batch of strawberry Jello then fully immersing the 45 Colt shells so the Jello bullets formed in place.

I’m using two different cases: one set uses magnum pistol primers and the other uses powerful 209 shotgun primers. No gunpowder will be needed, as either of these primers should provide plenty of charge to propel the gelatin projectiles.

To learn more about cowboy fastdraw and the wax bullet system I used in this video: http://www.cowboyfastdraw.com/generalstore/index.php/wax-bullets-shells-accessories.html

Target was from rubberdummies.com.

    • Uploaded: 03/01/2016