Tactical Walls Custom Clock! Hidden in Plain Sight



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As with all Tactical Walls furniture, the idea behind their their model 1410M clock is to be able to keep firearms or valuable items within easy reach while hiding them in plain sight. While other Tactical Walls products require you to cut into your drywall to hide your storage space, the clock mounts on the wall surface with four included self tapping screws.

The base is American made ABS with loop fabric lining the back and bottom of its 14” wide by 10” tall hidden compartment. That’s plenty of room to hide several handguns and extra magazines. You can choose between the black faux woodgrain you see here or a solid black base.

Tactical Walls offers roman numeral and arabic numeral clock faces as standard, with the option to custom print whatever you want for an additional $110.

    • Uploaded: 02/24/2016