Berne Echo One One! Handgun Concealment Workwear



For more information about the Berne Echo One One or to buy from Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/echooneone

This is the Crossbreed Purse Defender holster I use with the Echo One One: http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/HotcakesStore/ProductViewer/tabid/113/slug/Purse-Defender-Holster-Only/Default.aspx

The Echo One One is a heavy work jacket built around what Bern calls the Adder System. These are the large concealment pockets placed on the front of the jacket where they are most readily accessed while helping to give the jacket a more natural appearance when carrying a handgun.

The top half of each pocket is sealed with a Velcro border that is reinforced with snaps at each corner. The interior is fully lined with Molle, with the black rows being elastic and the brown rows being Velcro loop fabric.

The pockets are actually pretty standard for a work jacket, with side opening insulated hand warmers and an outer gusseted flap pocket closed with a snap. That flap doubles as the pull tab for the Adder System. One yank of the flap, and the snaps and velcro pop open to reveal the grip of your handgun. The lower half of the pocket is fully stitched, which could aid in your ability to retain your firearm in a struggle as well as help keep it in place in case of extreme movement during your draw.

    • Uploaded: 02/20/2016