Is Pot Smoking Really a Federal Crime


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Bud’s Gun Shop: "Pot Smoking" is always a popular endeavor at the Compound.

Federal Cartridge:

I know because of our having fun with the double meaning and such that lots of non gun-related comments will appear. I'll be more tolerant in this video since John and I are the "trolls" this time, just having a little fun. For the record, because I'm so deeply into the shooting sports and have so many firearms, I never engage in any illegal activities of ANY kind. Sorry to disappoint some of you folks who think I'm a closet pot smoker, but it's something to keep in mind if you are a shooter and own guns. Any sort of illegal activity you might engage in definitely ups the ante if you're a gun owner. Even though there's no shortage of stupid, nonsensical laws in this country, think hard before you jeopardize your ability to enjoy the shooting sports for the next 20 years. :-) A couple of people have asked if I'm pro or con on this issue. Well, I've already shared with you all in Radio shows that I'm pretty much Libertarian to the bone, and that should tell you how I think on almost ANY issue. It's YOUR business what you do unless it affects me directly, and it's hugely arrogant of me to try to control your behavior if it doesn't really affect me. We have enough of that sort of thinking going on in Washington these days; we don't need more of it out here in the real world. I've ranted about the "Busy Bodies" of the world several times in my Radio Shows. Hope this helps.

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