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Back to the Nebraska Sandhills | Nebraska Duck Hunting 2017



It's week two of duck season in the Nebraska Sandhills and Matt Zvolanek along with Devin Heusinkvelt are back it. Join them as they put on the miles in western Nebraska to find the birds.

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Cameras: GoPro Hero 3 Plus
GoPro Hero 5 Black

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Matt's Hunting Gear: Shotgun: Remington Versa Max 12 ga Choke tubes: Remington modified, Carlson's Mid Range Waders: Cabelas Kayak: Sundolphin Journey 10 SS Decoys: GHG Puddler Pack, GHG GWT, GHG Coots, GHG Canada Geese floaters Motion Decoy: Mojo Teal

Devin's Hunting Gear:

Shotgun: Winchester SX4 12 ga Choke tubes: Pattern Master Duck Waders: Banded Kayak: Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Decoys: Avian X Mallard Rester Series, GHG Teal Motion Decoy: Lucky Duck HD

  • Category: Hunting
  • Uploaded: 11/20/2017