Glock 27 vs XD Subcompact


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A side-by-side comparison between the Springfield XD Subcompact and the Glock 27 Subcompact, both .40 caliber pistols. I get more comfortable and am able to shoot the XD Subcompact a little better each time I bring it out; however, you can probably guess which gun I still favor.

Thiings I like about the XD Subcompact: Grip feels good, sights are fine, seems reliable, breaks down easily, and seems accurate.

Things I do not like about the XD Subcompact: size of frame and slide, difficulty in loading magazines by hand, trigger, and lower grip on gun as relates to the bore axis.

On the Glock, I really dislike the hump on the grip, but I can find fault with nothing else on this gun, other than it's needing some add-on grips to get a great hold on it.

Category: Handguns Uploaded: 05/08/2010

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