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Q&A #7: Obsolete Guns, Coffee Grinder Stocks, and More!



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0:43 - Guns flexing in slow motion
3:41 - Destructives Devices - the guns vs the ammo
9:54 - What makes some stocked pistols exempt from the NFA?
14:41 - Unusual things build into rifle stocks
17:36 - Best rifle/pistol that never was (sort of)
19:33 - Pronouncing the word "Walther"
20:55 - Submachine guns and Advance Primer Ignition (API)
23:53 - Are we at a firearms development plateau?
26:04 - Why don't we see higher velocity bullets?
29:12 - How do I do my research?
33:53 - Are submachine guns obsolete?
36:58 - Most obsolete gun at the time of its introduction
38:50 - Intermediate rounds as alternatives to 5.56 NATO