Glock 23 (The Rundown)


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It just doesn't get much better than the Glock 23. Lots of great defensive pistols out there, but this one gets very close to being perfect in terms of size, caliber, capacity, reliability, functionality, accuracy, shootability, and beauty! Wait a minute; did I say "beauty"!!! Well, maybe not "beauty," except that "Beauty IS as beauty DOES." :-)

By the way, this is the third video in our "Rundown" series. You can check the "Rundown" playlist. We're doing these periodically on some of our favorite firearms, kind of a "quick & dirty" or "essentials" video. Of course, it's hard for ME to keep them "quick & dirty."

The IWB holster I'm wearing in this video is the Galco King Tuk.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 09/21/2012

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