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Brownells Retro Rifle A1 Build - Part 3



Roll Pin Punch Set https://goo.gl/tJWK3B Geissele Reaction Rod https://goo.gl/M6ityv 1/2 Square Torque Wrench https://goo.gl/gjt6Ur Barrel Nut Alignment Gauge https://goo.gl/7eKQRB Pivot Pin Installation Tool https://goo.gl/PjPuJB Roll Pin Holder Set https://goo.gl/aMFDY4 Bolt Catch Pin Punch https://goo.gl/v1KNBZ Smith Enterprise Armorer Wrench https://goo.gl/heUGuQ

Build Products Used: AR15 20 A1 Rifle Barrel 1/7 Assy https://goo.gl/Ph99gW A1 Flash Hider https://goo.gl/FY7LRK Bushmaster Lower Parts Kit https://goo.gl/sTjr3o Charging Handle https://goo.gl/E1iMsD Tear Drop Forward Assist https://goo.gl/MMzRPh Luth AR15 A1 Rear Sight Assy https://goo.gl/QmYogP Ejection Port Cover Assy https://goo.gl/cDJZ8D AR15 Gas Tube https://goo.gl/Z3D8oZ Rifle Buffer & Receiver Extension Assy https://goo.gl/xsA8h4 A1 Retro Upper https://goo.gl/K6XGKz A1 Blemished Lower https://goo.gl/YB8yn6 Retro Black Furniture https://goo.gl/S1h5ye Retro Pistol Grip Black https://goo.gl/jyBgd4 Retro Triangular Handguards https://goo.gl/Uhx2ZH Retro Black A1 Stock https://goo.gl/nwWo5g

All parts are from Brownells https://goo.gl/MZ466Z

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