Ruger New Vaquero


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Shooting and discussing one of the most common single action revolvers of cowboy action shooting, the Ruger New Vaquero. This one is in .357 Magnum with 5 1/2" barrel. The holster is El Paso Saddlery. Gun belongs to Dave Evans, a good friend, shooter, and horse trainer. If you're a "horse person," you can see videos of him demonstrating his equestrian skills at -------------------- UPDATED 3-25-16---------------------We appreciate the INCREDIBLE support we get from BUD’s and FEDERAL, as well as SDI. They enable us to do the things we do. I hope you will support the people who assist us; you know where and how to find them! Federal Premium: SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute) : R4 Outdoors Phone App: UPCOMING “MEET & GREETS” MAY 21TH AFTERNOON (1:00 – 3:00) FEDERAL BOOTH AT NRA MEETING IN LOUISVILLE, KY ALSO, everybody, REMEMBER to bookmark and/or subscribe over on FULL30. You’ll always be able to find our videos there: Note: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to copy anything you see in our videos. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely.

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