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Why buy a 9mm Conversion barrel for a Glock 40 Pistol?



Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Why Install a Glock 9mm Conversion Barrel in a 40 caliber Pistol? There are a number of reasons beside cost of ammo and less recoil. We're testing out the Wheaton Arms 9mm Conversion Barrel for the Glock 23. Don't forget the $20 Sootch00 Discount.

Less Ammo Cost Less Recoil Less Wear Better Reliability More types of ammo More popular Two calibers Shoot reloads & Copper washed Bullets Supported Chamber Crowned Barrel

Wheaton Arms:

Freedom Munitions:

Robar Finishes:

Talon Grips:

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  • Category: Handguns
  • Uploaded: 11/30/2016