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PTP Tactical Ranger 11B (9mm Suppressor)



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To purchase the 300blk out ammo used in the video visit: If it's not in stock, send them an email telling them you saw it here on the NFA Review Channel and you want more! :)

I highly suggest you watch the video with some sort of head phones and then watch again with your built-in speakers....the difference in the perceived sound is extreme. We record with high end powered microphones and camera gear with very specific audio settings that took a long time to perfect. The result is a very accurate representation of the tone in real life. Note: We change the camera angle for the "wet" shooting scenes to give the audience a better look at the gasses leave the muzzle. The microphone, however, never moves during the entire video and is placed on a tripod 1 meter to the right of the muzzle for the unsuppressed, suppressed dry and suppressed wet scenes.

-NFA Review

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Note: Per iMovie11 agreement I have full rights to all music in this video and I also own full rights to intro song and animation.