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Upcoming AK GIVEAWAY - Part 1 Hardware Setup!



AK GIVEAWAY - Part 1 Hardware Setup! This is short video with WASR10 setup for our upcoming giveaway! After WASR10 accuracy video, Atlantic Firearms donated another WASR10 for accuracy testing. So, we will check it out on video for accuracy, certify it and GIVE IT AWAY TO YOU GUYS! Stay tuned for details. Also, Primary Arms, LLC donated 4x 7.62x39 scope for it, RS Regulate donated Mount, Magpul Industries Corp. donated MOE stock and AKM hand guard and ALG Defense donated AKT trigger! We put it on it our DTK2 muzzle brake. This is one PIMPED AK to have...wink emoticon BIG Thanks to all donors! More Info soon! Rules will be very simple and user friendly!

  • Category: AK-47
  • Uploaded: 08/13/2015