Glock 19 Gen 4 (Chapter 2)


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A pretty serious shooting session with a variety of mostly 115 grain 9mm ball ammo. We had one clear failure to eject with the Federal Champion 115 grain ammo, and then near the end of the video, I had the last round in a magazine of Winchester USA 115 grain not get out. In the heat of the "battle," it didn't actually compute with my meager brain what had happened because the mag was empty when I released it and was ready to go on. Then I noticed the empty case there, as you can see in the video. Anyway, I wasn't sure what happened at the time, but it's pretty clear that that one hung up, too. You be the judge, though, of what you've seen thus far with all this light ammo in the two videos. I'll do one more shooting video with it as a wrap up.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 12/29/2010

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