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Shooting contest?? Not exactly. :-) The big contest is over whether my Honda Element should be on the range as a machinegun target or not! We have a little disagreement on the issue. :-) We are actually at the bloggers Luckygunner.com machinegun shoot. It was by invitation only. All sorts of machineguns are being fired as we try to speak.:-) Watch for upcoming video of the shoot in the next day or two. By the way, if our conversation seems a bit awkward, it's because I was having to carry the conversation and didn't know what anybody was going to say, including myself, we had just met about three minutes before doing this, and there was no script at all. Also, it was just one take, as usual. We just figured we should do SOMETHING together before we all got busy and didn't get to do it.

Category: Sport Shooting Uploaded: 05/29/2011

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