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Rifle Dynamics' Red October AK 2017 - Stage 8: Afghan Valley



Stage 8: Welcome to the hills of the 'stan!

Use the Rifle Dynamics supplied red dot equipped stage rifle to engage "long range steel" from the tank trap prop, limited to 6 rounds. Acquire your rifle and assault the enemies in an rabid one man assault through a canyon.

InRangeTV was at the first Red October AK match in 2016, and we returned in 2017. The match is nearly double the size of the inagural event, coming in at over 200 competitors!

Ian brought his Valmet, and Finnish gear in the AK "Light" division.

Karl competed in "Armored" with 6b43/45 "Ratnik" Russian LBV and plates along with the Ak74 he won last year now field modified to replicate Russian specialist configs. We're lovingly calling this ~12lbs beast the "Alpha" AK.

If you're interested in acquiring the best AK money can buy, literally made by magical elves (Fuller & his crew), please visit Rifle Dynamics here:

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