FAQ 45 (Gun Treatment )


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Some express concern about how I treat my firearms! Don't try this at home, of course.

We're just having some fun with this. We knew there would be a few folks get bent out of shape. The thing is, it's hard to discern between people who are genuinely bothered by something and those who just want to grandstand where tens of thousands will see them put Hickok in his place with their "brilliant" observations. :-) Everybody knows I don't literally throw guns around; I'm taking a bit of Hollywood license here in the video. If it really bothers you, better avoid most movies where guns are pointed at each other and such. Yes, "all guns are always loaded" is the code we live by; however, we real gun people know that it IS actually possible to ascertain that a gun is definitely NOT loaded; otherwise, we could not clean them, disassemble them, gunsmith them, replace parts, adjust sights, reholster after a course of fire in a match, ship back to the factory, demonstrate a point humorously in an FAQ video about gun durability, etc. Who would do any of those things with an "loaded" gun! Yes, treat guns as they are "always loaded" generally and ingrain that in everybody we can, but that said, anybody who is incapable of REALLY knowing that a gun is unloaded should probably stay away from firearms and reloading altogether.

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