Three Basic Handgun Types


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A basic look at the three most common types of handguns: single action, double action, and semi-automatic. The firearms are a 2nd Generation Colt SAA in .45 Colt, a beautiful .44 magnum 629 in 3" barrel, and a Colt Series '80 Model 1991 in 45 ACP. This is mostly for the novice shooter, the beginner. Based on questions I get, I know I assume more knowledge than some of our newest shooters possess yet. I'll try to do more videos of this nature and even create a PLAYLIST for BASICS. I think we do a lot to help out new shooters, but I realize that I assume a certain level of knowledge in most of my videos and likely talk over some people's heads. Of course, when one is 6'8", he's always talking over people's heads. :-)

By the way, I think people totally new to guns get a pretty good idea about what these three main action types are about. If you want to get more complex, add your own approach, or expand upon it, please help yourself to doing a video on it yourself.

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 12/21/2010

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