Cold Steel Trail Master


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A quick look at one of my favorite trail knives of the last 23 years, the Cold Steel Trailmaster. I bought it "used" in 1988 or '89 at a gun show in Nashville. Great knife.

For the tree huggers out there, if you ever are lucky enough to own your own land and maintain trails and such for a period of years, you'll quickly learn that it's quite a job keeping limbs and weeds from growing into your walking trail. Yes, you have to actually cut limbs and make them bleed in order to prevent your trails from becoming "jungle" again. It's more the tick-laden limbs growing into the space where you walk than it is things growing up out of the ground that require the annual attention. Trails in parks are maintained by those in charge of the park or simply the hundreds of people walking the trails each day. On my own land, it requires the application of various evil cutting tools on a regular basis. When I go hiking, I often carry a knife like this, a tobacco cutting knife, or something bigger if it's my primary goal that day, to clear trails.

Category: Outdoors Uploaded: 04/28/2012

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