Hickok45 Update( 2nd Amendment Rally on February 8th)


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Plan to be at your state capital on February 8th at 10:00 am. Yes, it's a work day, but that's the reason for the date. John and I will be at the Nashville rally and hope to meet you there. Stay active if you want the 2nd Amendment to survive! With sites like these below, there's absolutely no excuse for not making your opinions known: https://www.popvox.com/

Note: The organization behind some of these rallies seems nebulous or almost nonexistent. They are grass roots initiatives that we have to either really get behind or just ignore. It behooves all of us to really get out for some of them, whether there are speakers and organization or not. Nobody is necessarily putting on a show for us; our PRESENCE is what counts. Make a sign, obey the law, and show up for the gathering. That's enough as long as we have a LOT of people doing just that! I am not the organizer of any of these rallies, but I can help get the word out and then show up. If you want more organization, then volunteer to do the organizing. That might be a way you can help. At least show up!

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