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Just Shooting Compilation: 2017



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The year in review with shooting! In order of appearance:

EM-2 (.280/30) vz61 Skrpion kp/44 kp/31 Suomi ZB-26 RK-95/S American 180 Finnish Maxim KVKK-62 DP-28 Prototype Friberg/Kjellman SIG MP48 Dreyse light rifle PSM RSC-1918 RSC-1917 Norinco M-305A Yugo M84 (PKM) Trejo Model 1 Vickers-Berthier Medusa M47 Solothurn S18-1000 Madsen LMG Colt Monitor ZK-420S XL-60 M2 Carbine Vickers HMG L85A2 Wheellock musket Webley 1913 Walther WA-2000 Semiauto DPM SIG PE-57 Webley-Fosbery Howell Automatic Rifle MAC PA-50

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  • Category: NFA Guns
  • Uploaded: 12/26/2017