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Bud’s Gun Shop: First of all, if you are shocked at my doing an archery video, check out my other two or three archery videos; I believe they are in the archery playlist, or you can search the channel for "archery." In this video, I try to give some tips for getting started in the enjoyable sport of traditional archery. I'm far from being an expert in this area, but I've learned a couple of things through experience the last 15 years or so, especially about getting the shoulder in shape, which makes the experience much easier and much more fun. Since I just took a year off from even shooting a bow, some things came to mind that I've gone through these last three weeks that might be helpful to a "new" archer. Just HAD to share! We'll do some more basics videos about archery maybe and get into technique and some shooting basics that we've not covered in other archery videos. My longbow is a reflex/deflex hybrid style of longbow. I might have said "duplex" in the video by mistake. This is a newer style of longbow, and some people go crazy over calling it a "longbow," but that's what the experts who make these things call them. Like it really matters. :-)

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