Kel -Tec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun


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Shooting and showing the Kel-Tech KSG. A big thanks to CDNN Sports for the loan of this T&E shotgun!

By the way, you see the Band Aid on my wrist. In shooting the shotgun numerous times before the video, the ejecting shells actually cut and bruised my wrist. Who'd a "thunk" they could really can do that. I learned to adjust my grip and arm to the point where the spent shells quit hitting me there so much, so I totally forgot to talk about it in the video. It was a point I wanted to make. Something to be aware of, but nothing you can't work around. John and I joked about how I should go put on one of my wrist bands from my basketball days. Obviously, a spent shell is not that heavy; however, it comes out with a lot of force, and I think the edge of the brass must be what hits you at exactly the same place every time. It's not that sharp, of course, but it's like someone whacking you with a butter knife over and over pretty hard right on the bone of your wrist. :-) Like I said, though, I adjusted my grip and it went away, for the most part.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 12/10/2012

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