XDm 5.25 (Three Calibers)


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Shooting all three XDm 5.25 calibers, the 9mm, the .40, & the .45ACP.

Thanks to Springfield for sending me the new .45 and .40 Competition models this week.

I suppose it would make for a "slicker" video if we edited out my mistakes and such, but often it's a learning experience for all of us! With no script and 27 minutes, there will undoubtedly be a little reality slip in. :-)

If you notice, I chose to shoot some Remington 147 grain 9mm today instead of the 115 grain 9mm I shot in previous videos. The contour of the Remington 9mm bullet is more blunt, similar to a .40 S&W bullet, which is very unusual. Almost all 9mm FMJ bullets have more of a point to them.

Category: Handguns Uploaded: 09/28/2011

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