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InRange Q&A #4



In this Q&A session, we answer questions from our Patreon supporters, including:

0:57 - What are our "grail guns"?
4:01 - Comparing American and Soviet rifle doctrine
9:03 - What's up with Karl's German and Russian gear?
13:03 - Do we play tabletop wargames?
14:33 - What are Karl's particular firearms interests?
16:17 - Have we bought any guns because of movies?
19:22 - Why does Karl hate the BAR so much?
22:40 - What are our opinions of the firearms industry and community?
32:26 - Can we expand 2-Gun competition to northern Arizona?
36:14 - How does the PDW or pistol-caliber carbine fare in 2-Gun?
39:57 - What are the best guns for a beginner in 2-Gun?
42:09 - What about NRA bulleye rifle and pistol competition?
47:26 - Will there be more Old West Vignettes?
48:39 - What do we think of Czech Mausers?
48:56 - Will we be filming at DEFCON this year?