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Magna Matic Gunsmith Tools Review



In this episode we review the precision gunsmith hand tools from Magna Matic Defense. Magna Matic got their start making equipment for the outdoor power equipment industry. When gunsmith and Navy veteran Daniel Jaquish saw a need for some quality tools, he met with his friends at Magna Matic. After some planning and development, Magna Matic Defense was created and the fine precision tools were brought to the market. Magna Matic's tool offerings include carbon removal tools for the AR and M14, AK Sight Adjustment tools, a dead blow hammer and a precision screw driver.

The two tools we will be reviewing in detail are the Precision Steel Dead Blow Hammer and the Precision Steel Screwdriver. Both tools are made in the USA right in Wisconsin, and although there is a rivalry between Minnesota and our cheese loving friends to the east we won't hold that against them. Both the hammer and screwdriver are made with heavy duty use in mind and build to last a lifetime. These tools are very high quality, perform very well, and will be staples in our shop.

For more information on the tools from Magna Matic Defense and to purchase your own, check them out online at

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