Model 92 Winchester


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Showing, discussing, & shooting the iconic Winchester Model 92. If you like leverguns, it doesn't get much better than this one. Plus, this is the one you see in most Western movies, especially the older Westerns.

By the way, in the video I mention that the Model 92 was manufactured right up to "WW I," when I meant to say WWII. Duh! Good thing you don't expert me to be too smart.

And yes, the rear sight is reversed, and I forgot to mention it in the video. I have since learned, too, that this was fairly common back in the day in order for the rifle to fit better and extract more easily from a scabbard while on horseback. There might be other reasons, as well. I do notice the rifle is handier to pick up and grasp right there at the balance point with no sight in the way.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 08/22/2013

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