Colt 45 SAA (Woods Walk)


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A Consumer Control agent makes a raid for the Nanny State, helping pathetic U.S. citizens who can really not be trusted to make choices for themselves. He's packing a really nice firearm, except that it's the only politically correct firearm his agency allows, as it's considered a "friendly" firearm. Bullets do weird and unexpected things, I've discovered over the years. Check out this .45 slug that exploded a 12 ounce drink and ended up lying right there under the can on top of the ground (a root probably kept it from going into the ground): -------------------- We appreciate the INCREDIBLE support we get from BUD’s and FEDERAL, as well as SDI. They enable us to do the things we do. I hope you will support the people who assist us; you know where and how to find them!

Federal Premium: SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute) : R4 Outdoors Phone App: UPCOMING “MEET & GREETS” MARCH 19TH 2:00 – 5:00 AT BUD’S IN LEXINGTON, KY. MAY 21TH AFTERNOON (EXACT TIME TO BE DETERMINED) FEDERAL BOOTH (VISTA OUTDOOR) AT NRA MEETING IN LOUISVILLE, KY ALSO, everybody, REMEMBER to bookmark and/or subscribe over on FULL30. You’ll always be able to find our videos there:

Category: Handguns Uploaded: 12/23/2009

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