1911 Anniversary


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The U.S. Army officially adopted the 1911 pistol exactly 100 years ago today, March 29, 1911. What kind of pistolero would I be if I did not give John Browning his due respect and post a little celebration of the 1911 today!

For the first 35 years of my life, including my first 15 - 20 years of handgunning, the 1911 was our military handgun. The 1911s I owned and enjoyed back in the '70s and early '80s were essentially the same guns that soldiers were carrying and training with at the time, just as with the Beretta 92 today.

Old "Slabsides" is still going strong in both competition and on the street. It might be a bit heavy and large, but it is still a very viable choice for almost any handgun application. How many other pieces of machinery designed and used 100 years ago are we still using! :-)

I've fired tens of thousands of rounds of .45ACP through John Browning's creation, and I plan to shoot many thousands more through them before I'm banished to that final shooting range in the sky! :-)

Category: Handguns Uploaded: 03/29/2011

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