Pumpkin Carving With an AK 47


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Yep, it's pumpkin carving time again, and certainly by now you all know how we do it at the Hickok45 Compound. This year's pumpkin carver is an Arsenal SGL 21 (7.62X39). Last year's pumpkin carving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGH8Af... Don't try this at home! :-)

By the way, I'm really enjoying my new Diamond D Custom Leather belt that I'm wearing in this video. A lot of belts like this are just too thick to be comfortable, but this one is perfect. It's heavy enough to be a great gun belt, but it's light enough to just be a great all-around belt. http://www.diamonddcustomleather.com/...

Category: Sport Shooting Uploaded: 10/25/2011

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