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Nitride vs. Chrome Lining: AR-15 Meltdown Base Accuracy Test



Here we start what will be a series of videos where I'll eventually fire these rifles on full auto until they can't go anymore. But, before we do that I do a baseline accuracy test with both the QPQ and chrome lined barrels from Faxon Firearms.

Some points on the barrels: -Barrels are truly “mil-spec” for materials and methodology. These can be compared directly to any non CHF barrel. They are button rifled, fully stress relieved, etc.. per spec. -The barrels are from the exact same production batch, literally manufactured one after another. The bores were visually compared to ensure that they matched as close as possible. -Faxon used the same chroming shop that does all of Colt’s barrels.

Geissele MK4: Faxon barrels: Faxon BCG: Aero Precision upper: Primary Arms 1-8x SFP: Primary Arms 1-8x FFP:

Ghost Operator shirt:

Music by Youtube Creators & Machinima Sound

  • Category: AR-15
  • Uploaded: 02/17/2017