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Have some fun doing a parody of my brainless self and submit it as a video response to this video. You have one month from the date on this video to submit your video. I'll send my signed and dated hat to the winner. See below:

Do a Hickok45 parody and submit it as a video response to this video. If it follows the guidelines and is named correctly, I'll find it and approve it as a video response. I get hundreds of them, so be sure to name it properly.

Name your video "Hickok45 Parody by ___" Put your username in the blank, of course.

We will decide on a winner after they are all submitted, based on our opinion and how they seem to be liked by subscribers.

Have fun with it. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; I think viewers will enjoy whatever you do. Please don't be too MEAN and be appropriate with proper language. I do have a sense of humor, so I expect caricature, of course. We'll contact the winner for you to send us your video on disk so that John can put your video in our winner announcement video. Yes, your video will be a part of the video in which we announce the winner. You need to have no borrowed copyrighted material in your video in order to win and for us to paste it into our "Winner Announcement" video.

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