Lyman Model of 1878 (The 1877 Creedmoor Sharps Rifle)


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Bud’s Gun Shop: Shooting and showing the new Lyman / Pedersoli reproduction of the 1877 Sharps rifle, often referred to as the "Creedmoor Sharps," or the English Rifle." A big thanks to Lyman for sending us this gorgeous shooter:

By the way, the MSRP on this is around $2,000.00, but I think the actual price in stores is around $1,500.00. I really meant to shoot it more; you might have noticed that I even had an extra buffalo hanging over there specifically for this old "Buffalo Rifle"; however, I could tell we were getting pretty long on the video. We'll get it out again soon and smack some more steel! There are just some firearms that get me so hyped up when I have them in hand that I end up forgetting things I meant to cover and still go too long. This is one of those rifles. Seriously, when I hold a Sharps rifle of any kind, I almost go into some "NIrvana Zone." Anybody who loves and appreciates classic rifle designs can probably understand. There's just something about these old single shot designs, whether it's a Springfield Trapdoor, a High Wall, or especially a Sharps. I plead "guilty as charged" for being a certified "gun nut." I have almost as many dreams about classic firearms as I do about Cindy Crawford. :-)

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 03/27/2014

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