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BCI Dagger w/ Subsonic Ammo



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BCI Defense "Dagger" & Discreet Ballistics Subsonic Ammo

In the last video with the "Dagger", we got several questions and comments about the use of different barrel lengths with 300AAC Blackout Ammo. In this video we test muzzle velocity, both suppressed and unsuppressed with the 190 grain specialty subsonic ammo and a string of the 123 grain MagTech for a baseline. We shot a few strings to check accuracy, but we were very close and didn't learn much from the results except "it likes that ammo". We will be pushing further back on the next trip out to the range.

•Rifle: BCI Dagger •Sight(s): Vortwx Sparc II with Sightmark Magnifier •Suppressor: Huntertown Arms Doomsday 30 •Ammo: Magtech 123Gr and Discreet Ballistics 190Gr Subsonic •Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision

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  • Category: AR-15
  • Uploaded: 07/21/2017