Hickok45 Parody Contest (Chapter 2)


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Attention: In trying to delete a Troll parody I approved before viewing, I was clicking "remove" on other submissions. If yours disappeared, please resubmit it. It was a mistake, of course.

Here's your chance to "Be like Hickok45" and show your effort to the world! Granted, nobody has the acting ability to come off as dumb as I am, but perhaps you can capture enough other quirks to make viewers believe! :-) Name your video "Hickok45 Parody by Your username" and submit it as a Video Response to this video. I'll approve it if it's titled correctly and meets the criteria outlined in the video. Keep it under 10 minutes, preferably shorter. Be sure to demonstrate safe gun handling with eye and ear protection. Be careful of language and such. Enjoy!

Category: Uncategorized Uploaded: 03/24/2013

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