Lone Wolf G9 SBR Suppressed


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In this video Chad showcases his custom 9mm SBR built on a Lone Wolf G9 lower receiver. This rifle has been several years in the making and fits the bill for an awesome range toy or solid personal defense weapon. Pistol caliber carbines are immensely popular today and there are many options on the market from Glock fed AR lowers, to the CZ Scorpion, Sig MPX, HK variants etc. We hope you guys enjoy this look at this fun little gun, and stay tuned as we have many more videos in the pipeline

Full parts list::

Lone Wolf G9 Lower Receiver/ ASA Side Charging 9mm Upper Receiver/ modified BCG/ Geissele SSA-E Trigger/ Magpul K2 Pistol Grip/ LWRC UCIW Stock/ Flat Coil LWRC Spring (6 coils removed)/ H2 Buffer (modified)/ Magpul MBUS Backup SIghts/ Adco 5" 9mm Barrel/ KAC URX-4 8.5" Rail/ Griffin Armament 1/2'x28 Tri Lug Adapter/ Griffin Armament Revolution 9 (K config)/ Surefire M300V Scout Light/ Surefire SR Plug-in Tape Switch/ Arisaka Keymod Offset Light Mount/ AImpoint T-2 Micro Red Dot/ Larue LT660 Mount/

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Category: NFA Guns Uploaded: 07/28/2016

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