Glock 42 Chapter 2


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Bud’s Gun Shop: More shooting and testing with the Glock 42. Thanks again to Bud's Gun Shop for sending the firearm: Recluse Holsters: Diamond D Custom Leather: Gameface Holsters: Multi Holsters:

The original Glock 42 Video:

As Armchair ballistic nerds come out of the woodwork, please remember that this video is simply about reliability. Nothing I picked up to test for reliability had anything to do with whether one ballistics expert thinks it's effective or not. I couldn't care less. I was just checking reliability with as many different hollowpoints as I could find. I'll let others argue about "effectiveness" of these tiny .380 rounds. I'm not really recommending any of them for you to carry, other than the fact that the MOST important factor with any ammo is reliability. :-) "Experts," please grandstand elsewhere

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 03/22/2014

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