Bullets in Flight (Real Time)


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Check out these big heavy 250 grain .45 Colt slugs as they streak into a metal drum at 230 yards. Also, our second camera and tripod gives you a view from over at the barrel. I have Skinner ghost ring sights on the Marlin Model 94 Cowboy Limited. As you might guess, at this distance (230 yards), all I know is whether I'm hitting it or not as the sound travels back to me. John, with the camera on a tripod, and you the viewers can tell what's going on, of course, as I shoot. It could have been the wind that was causing many of my shots to trend left, or it could be that my sights are slightly off. I think though, that the sights are right on. Also, I did not want to adjust my sights for that distance, which I rarely shoot, so I just held over the barrel about a foot, which pretty much caused my sight post to obscure the actually barrel I was shooting at. Not making excuses, just giving you specifics about how I went about this. I sat down so that I could be pretty much in line with the camera and targets, yet not blocking the zoom line.

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 12/31/2010

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