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Gun Experiments: Glock 21 to 10mm rifle (Mech Tech Carbine)



(from Feb 2015)

This is the third in a series of experiments where I attempt to convert my Glock 21 into firing a variety of different calibers. From the factory the G21 is set up to shoot .45 ACP; in my first test I converted it to 9mm; in the last video I converted it to 10mm (essentially a Glock 20); in this video I will attempt to convert it into a 10mm carbine rifle with a a 16" barrel.

Additionally, once it's been converted to 10mm, I try it out by conducting a ballistic gel test of CorBon DPX ammo, and also a shot of Buffalo Bore 180-grain JHP, Buffalo Bore product #21B.

In the future I'm considering turning this Glock 21 into being able to shoot .40 S&W, .460 Rowland, and even .50 GI.

For those who wonder why, I can only say -- for the hell of it. There's no truly legitimate, valid reason; it's more of a "just because I can" kind of thing. I've always been curious about these various conversions and how they'd actually work out, so ... I thought I'd just jump in and try it. The bonus is that it gives me another platform to test various ammo types from, and another barrel length.

The carbine unit used here is from Mech Tech, and a full review of it is posted here:

Be sure to see Jeremy S.'s excellent video review of the Mech Tech C.C.U. unit here:

The Mech Tech CCU is fully legal and the acting director of the BATFE, Kenneth E. Melson, has filed an official general opinion letter stating that using a "parts kit" such as the Mech Tech CCU does not create an NFA item when it is assembled to a pistol. You can see the letter here:

And you can follow up on it in the Mech Tech forums, here:

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  • Uploaded: 05/10/2016