Glock 20 with Heavy Cast Bullets (Chapter 2)


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Some follow-up bullet experimentation with the Glock 10mm and cast bullets.

I'm in no way recommending anybody shoot cast bullets in Glock stock barrels; however, these specialty heavy cast bullet loads are designed mainly for hunting or self defense against dangerous animals. They are gas checked bullets, which helps prevent leading, although these are rounds that a person would generally fire just a handful at a time anyway. Leading would not be a problem in the Glock stock polygonal rifling barrels. The issue for me is to find some heavy cast bullets that the polygonal rifling will stabilize; it appears that the 200 grain bullets will work, where the 230 grain bullets will not. Again, my experimentation with heavy cast bullets in the stock Glock barrels is limited to Doubletap. They are known for their variety of quality 10mm loadings.

The hard cast bullet is known for being effective against dangerous animals, as it generally offers better penetration than hollowpoint rounds, or maybe even FMJ, which usually encases soft lead that will flatten out upon hitting something hard. I find hard cast lead bullets regularly that have been shot into the dirt that hardly show any signs of ever even being shot out of a gun. They are tough bullets.

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 03/15/2013

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