FAQ 37 (Tilted Glock Barrel)


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Why do Glock barrels appear to point upward when the slide is open? Is there something wrong? How about, because they DO point upward. :-)

A lot of people actually seem to think there's something wrong with my Glock barrels or guns at times, and that's the purpose of the FAQ. The video seems to be bringing out all the insecure 1911 fans and "engineers," who usually have no uploads. I'm just trying to point out how the barrel tilt is more pronounced with a Glock, XDm, Sig, etc. than the 1911. I know the large audience around here is tempting, but please watch the video carefully and try to grasp the purpose of it before commenting, even if it's a little foggy at times. :-) This is not an educational video or a fundamentals video; it's just to answer the question I get quite often regarding how it appears something is wrong with my Glock barrel when I have the slide back. Obviously, the questions are coming from nonshooters or new shooters, who probably wouldn't know a 1911 barrel link from a logging chain. That's not what this video is about.

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 12/10/2011

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