FAL with Grenade Launcher


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Grenade launching is a skill that everybody should have. I'm just trying to do my part as an American citizen and master this useful skill.

The grenades are fired using 7.62X51 blanks, which is the common method for launching grenades from a rifle.

By the way, try to ignore anti-gun trolls, other than just thumbing them down. One idiot comes in with a crazy statement and gets WAY more attention even than he imagined, just because so many people reply to him. It just breeds more of the same when idiot trolls see such a reaction. I deleted as much of that as I could see. I'm sometimes guilty of this myself, but we just give these people what they want by responding. I block and delete as soon as I spot them, but it gets more complicated if 20 people have replied already. It's harder to clean up. :-)

Category: Firearm Reviews Uploaded: 07/04/2013

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