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Trick Shots: Promatic Trap Edition



Because shooting is so much more fun with a Promatic trap!!! Promatic trap machines throw clays, but we can shoot flying clays with way more than a shotgun. In this video, we also use pistols, rifles, and Promatic traps themselves to pull off some super sweet trick shots. (Be Advised: A bullet that goes up, must come down. Never shoot a pistol or rifle in the air unless you know how far the bullet can travel and you have cleared a shooting area for that distance)

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Cinematography: Capturyd Eye Protection: ESS Firearms: Winchester SX3 12 gauge Sporting Model Winchester SX3 20 gauge Winchester Model 101 Ammo: Winchester Ammunition AA 1 1/8 oz 9 shot Choke Tubes: Trulock Chokes Hearing Protection: WildEar Firearms Cleaning Products: Otis Technology Trap Machines: Promatic Secure Firearm Travel: TruckVault Clay Targets: White Flyer Magazine Tube Extensions: Nordic Components Custom Paint: DeadEye Liquid Graphics