Knock-down Power?


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Shooting 8" swinging plates with different calibers to see the difference in reaction. This is not meant to be very scientific, but it's something subscribers have asked for. Most people know by now that the "knock-down" and "stopping power" talk is often goofy and irrelevant. Here, I'm just showing, for whatever it's worth, how much various common calibers move these plates. I'm shooting from 8 to 10 yards away. The plates are 8" in diameter and 3/8" thick. Ammo used is all standard factory ammo: .22 Long Rifle - 36 grain bullets .38 Special - 158 grain Lead HP 9mm - 147 grain FMJ .357 Magnum - 158 grain JHP .40 S&W - 180 grain FMJ .45 ACP - 230 grain FMJ 10mm - 180 grain JHP .44 Magnum - 240 grain JHP

Category: Firearms Education Uploaded: 10/04/2010

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